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Jerry Bennett 

Jerry Bennett is a full time comic book artist, illustrator and art director currently drawing GLAMORELLA'S DAUGHTER with co-creator Charles J. Martin for Literati Press Comics, and also writing & illustrating his own graphic novels.

Jerry has created licensed art for Lucasfilm, Marvel, Saban, to name a few, drawn storyboards for Mattel and Dreamworks, and illustrated & produced animated book trailers for Scholastic and Lerner Children's Books.

He has held art residences at Science and Arts and the historic Skirvin Hotel, both in comic art to teach illustration and comic art, and showcased gallery comic art.

Jerry is the Illustrator Coordinator for the Oklahoma/Arkansas region of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators.

Instagram: artistjerrybennett


We are so proud to be celebrating Native American Artists at Uncanny Comic Expo Ardmore!

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience our incredible Native Art Exhibition in the entry hall for Uncanny Comic Expo. Marvel at Native Artists' renditions of popular comic book heroes and famous Native Heroes as well!


Erica Muse

Erica Muse is best known for her acting and costuming. She began making costumes in 2005 and acting on stage in 2007. She feels these passions grew, in part, due to being bullied in school. “No one bullied me when I was out of school making costumes, modeling, acting, or performing, because we all had similar dreams!” Her first time on a production set was in 2008 as a tornado victim for the Red Cross Foundation movie 'F-5', followed by providing wardrobe for 'Wraith' in 2012. She began making guest appearances as a cosplayer in 2017, but after a realization in 2018, she turned her passions towards voice acting. She can now be heard in anime, video games, podcasts, web series, and other projects, and be spotted in several films, shows, music videos, and commercials. Companies she works with now include FUNimation, HBO, Hi-Rez, Well Go USA, and Sentai Filmworks, among others. 

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What started as a love for theater, stage crafting, and haunted house production soon turned full blown passion for costuming, SFX makeup and prop building. Since 2016 BFG Cosplay using those very skills has designed more than 70 costumes at a professional level. Being of a larger scale, BFG devoted himself to builds that not only included body diversity but could be made within reasonable budgets presenting an expert aesthetic.


Honing over a decade of skills in haunted houses and theater production allowed BFG to sharply develop larger, award-winning, more detailed builds and props with each new project.


Since 2018, BFG has appeared at multiple conventions or worked in production to influence, market, and ensure patrons have the best possible time at conventions/events. BFG also strives to promote body diversity and positivity to an ever-forming cosplay community.


Mimic is an award-winning cosplayer from OKC. Always the artist, Mimic started cosplaying in 2016 and loves bringing characters to life.  Most known for their foam, makeup, and wig work, Mimic tries hard to always keep learning and improving.  They also have earned a degree in Gaming and Animation and uses that experience in their costuming.  Mimic has appeared across several states promoting that cosplay is for everyone and is always willing to help new and experienced crafters.

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Cosplaying since 2012, Stellae (stell-ay) loves crafting, playing D&D, attending conventions, and doing non-profit work! Stellae loves 3D printing, building, and learning new costuming techniques.  Besides costuming Stellae loves building community, making sure everyone is included, and trying to make the world a better place through non-profit work!

Mystix Panda

Welcome cosplay guest Mystix Panda. Mystix is a 15+ cosplay veteran. She has done almost everything in the convention scene from attendee to cosplay guest even behind the scenes. She loves crafting days with friends , building props and styling wigs. She is also an artist who loves to draw and paint. She has a wide variety of cosplays from comic characters , cartoons, anime, movies, and oc characters. All her social links and commission links are in her bio on her Instagram page.

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