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Become an Exhibitor at OAFCon

Get on the exhibitor list for 2024! Priority registration is open to Members until 1/31/24.

Non-members may apply after 2/1/24.

OAFCon is an old-school comic book show, where dealers and collectors from around the country come to buy, sell, trade, reminisce about, and show off some of the most amazing comics and related collectibles you'll ever see!

To keep the unique identity of OAFCon, we only accept exhibitors of comic books and other vintage toys and collectibles.  We define vintage as pre-1990, and expect that a majority of collectibles offered or displayed fall into this category. Comic book dealers of all eras are welcome.

In-Line Exhibitor Tables- $190 (sold out, apply for waitlist)

8-foot x 8-foot booth.  Comes with one 6-foot table and 2 chairs.

Corner Exhibitor Tables- $240 (1 remaining)

8-foot x 8-foot booth. Two sides are accessible to the aisles. Comes with two, 6' tables and 2 chairs. 

Comic Artist/Writer/Print Artist Booth- (sold out, apply for waitlist)

8-foot table. We offer 5 artist tables for $50 this year (FREE with OAF exhibitor membership!), and up to 5 more at a discount of $100, or $50 with an OAF exhibitor membership! We only accept comic artists, authors, or related creators at OAFCon. Please submit a link to your portfolio and description of your table offerings for consideration to

Click the button below to fill out an Exhibitor Application Form

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

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